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God knows why…

Vanishing Forests

Vanishing Forests - United States. Wikipedia

I walked through the past
The dust had yet to settle
and in it I found God
I marvelled at His creation
I saw it in its entirety

We walked through lush grass
A smell indescribable greeted my nose
I breathed it in deep and savoured its scent
I asked God about the nature of the smell
We sat at the foot of a mountain and he explained it to me

Before man arrives, the Earth is whole
This is the smell of new, this is my own scent
When my scent becomes irrelevant the Earth begins to crumble

I breathed in deeply one more time
This foreign, fresh and all encompassing scent danced through me
A tear fell from my eye as I looked up
I was greeted by a plain of green
Mountains pushed themselves through this glorious scene

I saw the ocean breaking at the foot of a mountain
Dust and steam were being broken by birds
Animals of all kinds walked up to me
We greeted each other and they sat at the foot of God
I saw creatures that I had never set eyes upon before

Before man arrives these animals are whole
These are creatures that will not know tomorrow, only today
When I become irrelevant these creatures shall slowly fade away

Another tear fell from my eye as I saw the animals walk away
I then looked up again and found myself inside a forest
God was climbing a tree and beckoned me to join Him
On a branch we sat side by side and took in the serenity
I asked God where we are and He explained it to me

Before man arrives this piece of Earth will be whole
This is eastern North America, Maine to Florida across to Texas
When I become irrelevant this forest will fall away leaving geological decay

And I held on to God as I wept
Why create man if you know what is to come?
God just smiled at me and tapped His nose
I guess it is true what they say because
only God knows…


I bring you poverty
I dress it up with bureaucracy

I feed your wants
You are my desecrated runts

I am the spirit of Greed
and on your values I feed

Your name is Ira

We bow before you and your might
We offer up to you our children
Destroy them with one bite

Mother that is wrath
Through you we destroy each other
You make us hate our brother

You are our slow demise
Inner turmoil speaks your Latin name
Ira, wrath, you leave our hearts a slain


Precursor to sloth
God the fire
Man the moth

Aching limbs, sickness present
We don’t fly around the fire anymore

Precursor to despair
Ancient psychological state
Herald to man’s fate

Tedium and suicide
We have to fly around the fire forever more


In you I place my hope
My life and its dreams depend on you
You are my inspiration
My guiding light that keeps me from harm

I apologise as if it were my religion
but only because I love you
You accept me and lift me
comfort me and heal me

You have bestowed much upon me
Love, a job, food and a bed
Help me give love to others
A Jesus type of love, not a worldly

In you I place my hope
My life and my fears are all with you
Hold me close because you are my father
Thank you for peace, life and health

Thank you for this ample wealth

The Struggles of a Versifier Searching for a Muse

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I abandoned the thought of you
I was creating you but I threw you out
I cast you aside because I found no worth
I felt you were a waste of words, a waste of thoughts

I let you walk into my mind
I played with the idea of elaboration
I was going to turn you into a star
The biggest rage, no cage could hold

I was going to make you a rebellious sage
A person of dark ambitions and lost faith
You were going to be my darkest creation
But then I realised I don’t have that in me

How could I create what I am not?
How could I turn into a star an image I would burn?
How could I write a poem about pure evil?
When I myself am no friend to a devil…