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My fear

I’m scared that I won’t be able to protect her
My gun does not exist

I’m scared that I won’t be able to protect her
My country created this fear

I’m scared that I’m being too open
but it’s a real fear within me…

Their revolution

ANC logo

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The revolution is on trial
It’s revolving, revolting, EVOLVING!
The revolution is on trial!
Raped by accusations and denial

‘We agree!’ they chant
It’s much more threatening this way
Toyi-toyi, chant!
Watch the white people run

The revolution is on trial
Revolutionaries stomp their feet
We’ve got the same rhythm
But we’re marching to a different beat

R.S.A. 4

Julius Sello Malema

Julius Sello Malema - ANC Youth League President

You’ve played upon my heartstrings
Taught me the value of truth
Shown me the ultimate axiom of change
Change does not exist, reshuffling does

You taught me to give up hope
You’ve made me cynical and repugnant
Your politics hurt me the most
More than a gun shot or smashing glass

This truth is impaled in my head

R.S.A. 3

15a - Extra Credit Weeping Man

And bitterly I wept as you passed me by
I saw all that you were and what you have become
I saw that change is a PIGMENT of the imagination
Racism will never leave, colour will merely change

R.S.A. 2

Black, wooden ancestor figure

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Bow to me land of the wicked
I am your messiah dressed in black
I am that shallow thought and need for revenge
I am your death and what you created

Bow to me you people of lies
I’ll give to you what you desire
A divide, a separation, a one party way of thinking
I am your retribution, your art, your culture

Bow to me! Drink from my cup!
You’ve slept with my whore
You’ve stopped her cycle
Nurture what she gives birth to – you helped create it

R.S.A. 1

The coat of arms of South Africa adopted on Ap...

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There she fell and slipped away
They clambered over her rotting corpse
and began to feed

She died for freedom and human rights
She died to put an end to racism and disparity
They built her up again but made little change

She walks again, the monster lives!
A machine of inhumanity and revenge
Someday you’ll get yours, we’ve got ours

Celebrate South Africa!

The sun decided to shine
and you woke up in the world

Good morning South Africa
My country of change
My country of hope

Your house was not burgled last night
Your car was not stolen
Your dogs were not poisoned

The Jacarandas are purple
and you can see them
against the clear blue sky

You’re in South Africa
and last night you didn’t die…


Was any of it necessary?
The breaking of our hearts
and the tearing down of our homes?
The false promises in the name of freedom?

Has it served us any purpose?
The death of our fellow brothers
and the unjust imprisonment of our sisters?
The false promises in the name of democracy?

Are we living as we planned?
When we marched peacefully or in war
with our flags, fists, and guns waving high?
The false promises in the name of liberation…

Where has the struggle left you?

South African Farm (the new Animal Farm)

Idle threats lambaste the ears of the weak
Those in power toll their bells
and the cows that they feed come running

‘Let’s raise an army
and war against the injustice of the land
We’ll lead our people to the Promised Land
Write a constitution in the name of equality
We’ll win their hearts; they’ll be our puppets
As we march to Pretoria we’ll sing our struggle songs
Take from the rich and give to the poor
then forget what we stand for 16 years on’

The young blood of the next generation flows strong
The souls of the past have been reborn
into the bodies of rebels who missed out on all the good protests

‘What do we have left to fight for?
A purer democracy is needed
but we’re benefiting abundantly from this crooked state
We’ve raised our army in the name of equality
We fly the flag and use it as a cloak of murder
We’ve won their hearts and they remain our slaves
We are now the rich; fuck the poor
Remind me please what we stood for…’

Here’s a reminder:
Equality and freedom for all

In the news today

Gran lets the shotgun do the talking
She’s tired of the thugs attacking her farm
She’s not giving her hand, she’s giving her whole arm

Money a big problem in the ANC
Money makes the leadership turn
Clamp down and down and down, ANC controls finance town

Family in court on murder charges
Siblings rob and kill their brother
They’re not splitting it with dad, you can forget about mother

Pupils stone disruptive protestors
For once they actually want to learn
I’ll put a stone to your face, if that don’t work, you’ll burn

(All first lines are real headlines found on News24.com)