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He lies on his bed
waiting for the rain
but the sky never breaks

He walks outside
smelling the promise of rain
but the sky never breaks

He lies on the dirt
with his mouth open wide
but the sky never breaks

He beats at a rock
again and again
but the rock never breaks

Nothing ever breaks…


The chill of autumn vilifies me
The virus it sends plagues my body
Welcome to the new season
Death paints the trees in beauty and the world in black

O’ autumn, you gather the birds and take them away
You assemble the trees and then strip them bare
You master your art of discoloration on our lawns
You turn smooth nostrils into chapped crevices

Why, o’ season of cold beauty, do you belittle us like this?
Your moon lights the way to another day
Another day of misted car windows and raking of leaves
Death paints our streets with the victims of your assemblage

Demise paves the way to isolation
Isolation paves the way to spring
Spring: autumn’s grand finale
Another season, another defamation of my good health