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Their revolution

ANC logo

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The revolution is on trial
It’s revolving, revolting, EVOLVING!
The revolution is on trial!
Raped by accusations and denial

‘We agree!’ they chant
It’s much more threatening this way
Toyi-toyi, chant!
Watch the white people run

The revolution is on trial
Revolutionaries stomp their feet
We’ve got the same rhythm
But we’re marching to a different beat

This is peace

bullet in the head

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This is peace
A bullet hole through your head

This is peace
Blood drenching your streets

This is peace
Soldiers parading and beating ‘useless’ people

This is peace
A president sitting on his fat ass getting fatter by the day

This is peace
And this…
is what you voted for

The Gray Cycle

Mr. Gray speaks
Blah, blah, blah

Class pretends to listen
Yadda, yadda, blah

Class can’t work
Ask, ask, ask

Mr. Gray speaks
Repeat, repeat, repeat

Loveless Possession

Loveless possession
A trophy for your life
Parade her through town
Dress her up, dress her down

Buy her bigger tits
Fill her lips with shit
Make her as you want her
Shape her, break her; use her

Loveless possession
Free money for your strife
You’ll walk right through town
As long as he lays the money down

Build him a bigger ego
Fill his pants with your lap
Make him as you want him
Shape him, break him; use him

Loveless bits and pieces
Toys of the rich and famous
Negation of love-kind
Toys that make us blind

Need escape

My eyes turn to dust
As I lie awake and think
My thoughts control my life
I must escape
I must escape

The liberal dream of not needing money
is thwarted by capitalist control
My misery sits in my wallet
I must escape
I must escape it all

Daft Questions

3D Character and Question Mark

Image by 姒儿喵喵 via Flickr

People ask many questions on a daily basis, but they never seem to stop and just listen to themselves.
There are so many stupid questions floating around out there that I had to compile this list of 6 Daft Questions.

Daft Questions:

1. Can I ask you a question?

How exactly am I supposed to respond to this question? I, at the moment, have a boy in my class who has recently developed the habit of starting a question by asking this question. Gag me please!

2. Do you know what?

If I knew what, why would you be asking me? What is the point of a question questioning your knowledge when the enquirer knows that you do not know because generally this is followed by an observation on the current topic of conversation. An observation which you yourself have not yet made. Gag me again please!

3. Do you know what s/he did?

Yet again, if you are in the process of telling me because you know I was not in the location of the action, why the hell would I know what s/he did?

4. Where are you going?

There is generally a reason when somebody does not tell you where they are going.
“I am on the way to remove my underpants from my crack. Would you like to accompany me? I could really use the support.”

5. Mr. Gray, can I talk to you?

You have just proven that you have the capacity to engage in conversation with me. Why ask if you are capable of such a thing?
(This only tweaks me on days like today though…)

6. How are you?

People don’t really care how you are when they ask you this. The thing that gives this truth away is the fact that they will ask as they are either walking or running right past you. What is the point of asking if you don’t really understand the crux of your question? Just say hello.

Think about the words that are leaving your mouth and infecting the ears of your victim before you talk!

Ah, to be a teacher

Stop that!
Take that out your mouth!
Be quiet!
Stop touching her!
Pay attention!
What did I just say?

What are you doing?
Who said you could do that?
Do I get paid to speak to the walls?
Did I not ask you to read?
Leave him alone!

Because I said so!
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think I am?
Why have you not done your homework?
That’s not funny!
Just sit down for 5 minutes, PLEASE!

Leave me alone,
I need a drink,
It’s a wonder they don’t call me mommy.

No I in We, No We in I

I can’t swim in a pool of despair
I can’t walk when you’re pulling my hair

We all long for something that we search for
We all long for release
We all live in fear of never finding
We all stop the rest from ever growing

I can’t reach my goals when you’re keeping score
I can’t pick the scab when you tell me it’s sore

We all look out for number one
We all forget about the other one
We all live in fear of never finding
We all deviate instead of helping

We all drown in this pool of despair
We can’t walk when we pull each others hair

South African Farm (the new Animal Farm)

Idle threats lambaste the ears of the weak
Those in power toll their bells
and the cows that they feed come running

‘Let’s raise an army
and war against the injustice of the land
We’ll lead our people to the Promised Land
Write a constitution in the name of equality
We’ll win their hearts; they’ll be our puppets
As we march to Pretoria we’ll sing our struggle songs
Take from the rich and give to the poor
then forget what we stand for 16 years on’

The young blood of the next generation flows strong
The souls of the past have been reborn
into the bodies of rebels who missed out on all the good protests

‘What do we have left to fight for?
A purer democracy is needed
but we’re benefiting abundantly from this crooked state
We’ve raised our army in the name of equality
We fly the flag and use it as a cloak of murder
We’ve won their hearts and they remain our slaves
We are now the rich; fuck the poor
Remind me please what we stood for…’

Here’s a reminder:
Equality and freedom for all


You’re no answer to a useless question
No suitor in a useless marriage
You’re nothing but a useless notion
A cloud found in a barren potion

Nobody needs your opinion
Nobody needs what you say
Nobody needs…

You’re not the question to the answer we’re seeking
No intellect gained from the books we’re reading
You’re nothing but a growing headache
A pointless game of give and take

Nobody needs your type of nationalisation
Nobody needs what you say
Nobody is begging your opinion

Nobody needs you…