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The Beast Beckons

Right, I’m letting go of the beast and going the whole nicotine replacement route. Fantastic! Well done me…

I am going INSANE!

Life is filled with displeasure and unhappiness – mine is currently self created. Think about it, I’m attempting to quit smoking and as a result I am turning into an unhappy, grumpy old fart who just threw his drum sticks across the room because nothing is feeling right. Don’t worry, I am alone, bar the piano which unfortunately got in the way.

My not smoking is making me unhappy, a mood which is going to impact not only myself but my beautiful lady as well as she is going through the motions too.

I managed to spare my children from the dreaded pits of hell and now the next fight is to do the same for my lady. Which brings me to my next excuse…

Why should we be made to feel unhappy and disillusioned with life and in the process be dragged down? Wouldn’t we both benefit if we just light up another portable cloud of cancer?

A fantastic excuse but one that only seems that way through the high of the withdrawing beast.

Will I give in?
I hope not… or then again, I hope so… or then again, I hope not.