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And the Point is?

We all know nothing. Human beings thrive on the perceived fact that we have an incredible wealth of knowledge, that we have the ability to do almost anything our heart and minds desire, but is this really so? Do we really know? In my opinion we do not. We know nothing.

Why do I say that we all know nothing? We know nothing because everybody knows better. When a person goes to a music concert and the sound is terrible, you automatically know what the person needs to do in order to improve, “Bring down the bass drum, adjust the gain on mic 1,” and the list could go on.

We share this type of knowledge with the person next to us who will inevitably feel compelled to add his or her 5 cents. That person’s 5 cents will vary greatly from your own but will build on your knowledge – the unfortunate part is that it all means nothing because we all know nothing, some are just better at knowing it than others. The 10 cents that you and your companion have contributed will not change the fact that the sound is no good – mainly because if you had to share your knowledge with the sound guy he would most likely punch you.

A further way to illustrate this idea of nothing is that people will write incredible papers that deal with issues like space and time. They will present elaborate theories about how the planet was formed and how there could possibly be no God because we are able to apparently explain how things might have happened. They make it their life’s work to prove their theories and then eventually write a book that contradicts their first discoveries. The findings will be published and articles will be written on websites where people are allowed to comment. Due to the supposition that everybody knows better, you will find that over 600 people choose to share their knowledge of nothing.

These people who share their nothingness will add comments to the page about how the big bang could not have happened for what ever educated reason they choose to give, others will say that God doesn’t exist for whatever reasons. These 600 people will then immerse themselves into a battle of knowledge and try to wittingly prove the previous commentator wrong. It is all so pointless due to the reality that we know nothing and that we will never be able to conclusively prove any theories about God or the big bang until we die and meet the Big Man Upstairs or the Big Atom Upstairs.

Think about it. Why is Bill Gates a billionaire when you know computers as well as he does? You fix computers, you program computers, you upgrade computers but every night you go home to a house that could fit into his twenty times and still leave room for your dog’s kennel. The answer to this dilemma is that he is better at knowing nothing than what you are.

How has Plato helped you in life? How as Socrates helped you? Socrates taught Plato to know nothing and Plato simply built on this nothing and developed a new nothing. Plato keeps going on about some cave that we are stuck in and that we have our backs to the light. He never really provides us with a way out of the cave because he knows nothing and as a result we suffer the same quandary. What is waiting outside the cave for us when we emerge? A larger jar of nothing.

Or an onion, which you will peel away layer after layer only to discover that there is nothing in it.

Where will our lack of knowledge lead us to? It will carry us as far as it has till this point. We will continue to grow and hypothesise; we will continue to develop our philosophies and our pursuit of the knowledge of nothing. People will get rich because they know so much about nothing. Yet another person will write an entry about the knowledge of nothing claiming to know but realising inside that he too knows nothing.

This could be everything or nothing, at the very least it is something.


Is it a possibility that your machine keeps turning, fuelled by propaganda, annihilating action, mutual respect and support? Is it a possibility that you sympathise for nothing, pretend to understand, destroy us with your money hand?
Are we really equal or will that always be a myth? If I fell into nothingness, would you really try to help me? You don’t understand; you’re so underhand; your politricks are planned…


Lathe me up with your futile lies. Bathe me in your false truisms, your oxymoron’s. Kill my will to be completely equal…
Kill me because equality does not exist.

‘I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.’
Mahatma Gandhi

Be it

When we sleep we open our minds to the excesses of reality. We purge ourselves against the fortitude of knowing the true meaning of solace or death. Our invitation to join the minds eye is received with a renewed fervour because we cannot control ourselves.

When you sink into the depths of the inner self are you greeted by a garden of your childhood? Do you sit on the grass and play with a child that has no face but you know its name? Do you entertain this fragile being with love and warmth that stems from your heart so true? Do you feel more whole in that moment than any other you’ve experienced?

Do you find yourself retreating from this child that remains faceless despite your inner recognition? Do you choose not to name it as it is your inner anguish? Do you relive your childhood with frail horror? Do you run from what you have never faced, embraced or fixed?

When you sink into the depths of inner vision are you taken to a place that you love and never want to leave? Is the mechanism of self still turning the way it has always done before or do you find yourself dying more and more? Do you run for the door and walk away from the pain like you’ve always done before?

Heal the world by starting with yourself.

‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’
Mahatma Ghandi

Lord of your world

No rain falls when I’m all alone
I control the seas; I control the skies
No clouds form when I feel forlorn
I control the wind; I control the sun
I am the lord of my world
And my world is dry

I walk the streets covered in plastic sheets
People see me and can’t understand why I smile
I’ve got no bills to pay, no debts to agonize me
I control the famine; I control the profusion of my land
I am the lord of my world
And my world is bountiful

No mountain is too high and if it were I would buy my way over it
No love is too expensive, no friendship too luxurious
I pay all my bills and I embezzle all of yours
I’ve always got something to hide, but what I just won’t tell
I am the lord of my world
And my world is built on fraud

You control your sun; you control your rain
You decide when you’re satisfied
You choose when it’s time for your seasons to change
You control the deprivation; you control the plethora
You are the lord of your world
And your world is what you make it


If the world could keep quiet for a minute, would you embrace the overwhelming silence or begin to feel uncomfortable because all you know is noise? Would you embrace the crashing of the waves of the ocean against the rocks outside your house as you sit and sip your wine? Would you, as a caregiver, see the beauty of the children before you and forget about the emotional tension that they cause you each day? Would you reach a deep state of enlightenment, perhaps a new state of philosophical or religious awakening? Would you embrace yourself?

If the world could keep quiet for an hour, would you feel a sense of inner devastation because you nearly suffocated in the first minute of silence? Would you find your inner peace and figure out a way to save the Middle East? Would you learn to appreciate the magnificence of your spouse, life partner, best friend, soul-mate, brother, sister, next door neighbour? Would your inner enlightenment turn to a deep understanding of the eternal love that is God? Would you experience the universe in all its glory? Would you embrace another second?

If the world could keep quite for a day, would you begin to relate to the deaf and the mute? Would you see that words hold little importance in communication? Would you begin to understand the essence of love, peace, and joy? Would your period of reflection harness an answer to all the trials and tribulations that you have had to face throughout your life? How much of it is pragmatic? How much of it is yours? How much have you created? How much have you destroyed? If we had a day of absolute silence flood its way throughout the world, would you learn to love me? Would you learn to love yourself? Would you learn at all?