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Poetry Awards 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 31

Thanks again Jingle!

The Best Poetry Friend Award

Your Blog Deserves A Fabulous Beling Award

Perfect Poets Award

Thank you so much for this award, I appreciate it very much and feel extremely hounoured!

This is my acceptance poem – it is VERY tongue-in-cheek!

I Just Want to Rule the World

‘A powerful, moving story,’

‘The book’s strength and literary success lies ultimately in the powerful and piercingly frank portrayal of its subject,’

‘A new path in writing,’

‘Unnervingly convincing,’

‘There is a change blowing in the wind and this book is responsible,’

Say that stuff about me

Perfect Poet Award Week 28

My post is:


I fade away as I melt inside
My emotions take over
From them I can no longer hide

The heat of the sun
melts away the mists of my pain
I lived in anger. Remorse; hate’s rain.

I walk away from myself
But I keep catching up
I can’t let myself just go.

My nominee is Jessica Japes.

Thanks for the opportunity Jingle!
I’ve awarded you a happiness award.
Peace to all,