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Was any of it necessary?
The breaking of our hearts
and the tearing down of our homes?
The false promises in the name of freedom?

Has it served us any purpose?
The death of our fellow brothers
and the unjust imprisonment of our sisters?
The false promises in the name of democracy?

Are we living as we planned?
When we marched peacefully or in war
with our flags, fists, and guns waving high?
The false promises in the name of liberation…

Where has the struggle left you?

South African Farm (the new Animal Farm)

Idle threats lambaste the ears of the weak
Those in power toll their bells
and the cows that they feed come running

‘Let’s raise an army
and war against the injustice of the land
We’ll lead our people to the Promised Land
Write a constitution in the name of equality
We’ll win their hearts; they’ll be our puppets
As we march to Pretoria we’ll sing our struggle songs
Take from the rich and give to the poor
then forget what we stand for 16 years on’

The young blood of the next generation flows strong
The souls of the past have been reborn
into the bodies of rebels who missed out on all the good protests

‘What do we have left to fight for?
A purer democracy is needed
but we’re benefiting abundantly from this crooked state
We’ve raised our army in the name of equality
We fly the flag and use it as a cloak of murder
We’ve won their hearts and they remain our slaves
We are now the rich; fuck the poor
Remind me please what we stood for…’

Here’s a reminder:
Equality and freedom for all


Che Guevara while using the alias Adolfo Mena ...

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They attacked lastnight

They burst into the room in a hail of fire

Destroyed all that was ours

and all that used to be theirs

They invaded our lives lastnight

They erupted into our rooms

Spoke words that made no sense to children

Spoke words that made no sense to me

Vox Populi! They screamed,

We’re doing this for the people! They swore,

They killed the life in my house

Did you fuckers forget that I am people too?

Fuck your revolution! It’s nothing but a selfish lie,

you’ll become just like all the others

You’ll be Stalin, Castro, Mugabe and Zuma

There’s no true revolution

No true communism

It’s all human greed

All good ideas gone bad

Did you forget Che?

Is he the symbol of capatilism today?

Or did Che forget himself?

Weeping Continent

Death drifts over the land and sees how history has laid it to waste
This ‘dark continent’ lays abused and raped
By its past, by its present, by its future
A selfish understanding of power and retribution has taken hold of us

Viva Africa!
You have been liberated
Why do you punish yourself?
Why do you fight? Why do you hate?

Death drifts over the land and weeps, colonisation beat him to it
Sadness greets the little faces of Azania’s future
What have your fathers left for you to reap?
Hungry mothers? Limbless brothers? Blind justice?

Viva Africa!
The winds of change blew for Europe
She fled when she had what she needed
Your anger is your downfall

Death becomes an ally when there’s nothing left to feel
The famine of our history leads us to learn no lessons
We’re recreating our past, we are the African Colonialists
Save yourself dear mother, comfort your children in your sandy bosom