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God knows why…

Vanishing Forests

Vanishing Forests - United States. Wikipedia

I walked through the past
The dust had yet to settle
and in it I found God
I marvelled at His creation
I saw it in its entirety

We walked through lush grass
A smell indescribable greeted my nose
I breathed it in deep and savoured its scent
I asked God about the nature of the smell
We sat at the foot of a mountain and he explained it to me

Before man arrives, the Earth is whole
This is the smell of new, this is my own scent
When my scent becomes irrelevant the Earth begins to crumble

I breathed in deeply one more time
This foreign, fresh and all encompassing scent danced through me
A tear fell from my eye as I looked up
I was greeted by a plain of green
Mountains pushed themselves through this glorious scene

I saw the ocean breaking at the foot of a mountain
Dust and steam were being broken by birds
Animals of all kinds walked up to me
We greeted each other and they sat at the foot of God
I saw creatures that I had never set eyes upon before

Before man arrives these animals are whole
These are creatures that will not know tomorrow, only today
When I become irrelevant these creatures shall slowly fade away

Another tear fell from my eye as I saw the animals walk away
I then looked up again and found myself inside a forest
God was climbing a tree and beckoned me to join Him
On a branch we sat side by side and took in the serenity
I asked God where we are and He explained it to me

Before man arrives this piece of Earth will be whole
This is eastern North America, Maine to Florida across to Texas
When I become irrelevant this forest will fall away leaving geological decay

And I held on to God as I wept
Why create man if you know what is to come?
God just smiled at me and tapped His nose
I guess it is true what they say because
only God knows…