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Feel yourself

You’ve got that look in your eyes
There’s an itch that needs scratching
but there’s no hands to supply the cure

You’ve got that pain in your heart
You need a love to fill the void
but no one’s tall enough to fill the hole

Face the blame that bares your name
but not give in to that mark of shame

You’ve got that hole in your soul
There’s a need to sing a song
but you can’t remember the tune

You need to look at yourself
Look at yourself

A love…

Under her skin
She becomes one
Under my skin
She scratches that itch
Deep inside
I pulsate to her beat
I feel her heart
She consumes my soul…

Perfect Poet Award Week 28

My post is:


I fade away as I melt inside
My emotions take over
From them I can no longer hide

The heat of the sun
melts away the mists of my pain
I lived in anger. Remorse; hate’s rain.

I walk away from myself
But I keep catching up
I can’t let myself just go.

My nominee is Jessica Japes.

Thanks for the opportunity Jingle!
I’ve awarded you a happiness award.
Peace to all,