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Child of 12

What has this life done to you
dear child of 12?
Why does the cutting not release your tongue?
I hate what this life has done

I’m sorry your parents are still children
I’m sorry you’re forced to grow up

What has this life done to you
dear child of 12?
Why drugs to help your plight?
You’ve grown too weak to fight?

I’m sorry you’re feeling this pain
I know you want the sun
but instead you get the rain

Come into my arms and weep on my shoulder
I’ll hold you for as long as I can
I’ll fight this war with you
Together we’ll see it through

You’re 12 not 48
I know it’s not too late

The Gray Cycle

Mr. Gray speaks
Blah, blah, blah

Class pretends to listen
Yadda, yadda, blah

Class can’t work
Ask, ask, ask

Mr. Gray speaks
Repeat, repeat, repeat

Reiteration, echo, repeat…

Leave me on repeat
Don’t press shuffle
Don’t press stop
I am here to repeat myself for YOU

This is not a limited offer
And even if it was it would not apply to you
You are that special group of people
You help me appreciate my own voice

Leave me on repeat
I’ll say it again
Leave me on repeat
I’ll say it again

Ah, to be a teacher

Stop that!
Take that out your mouth!
Be quiet!
Stop touching her!
Pay attention!
What did I just say?

What are you doing?
Who said you could do that?
Do I get paid to speak to the walls?
Did I not ask you to read?
Leave him alone!

Because I said so!
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think I am?
Why have you not done your homework?
That’s not funny!
Just sit down for 5 minutes, PLEASE!

Leave me alone,
I need a drink,
It’s a wonder they don’t call me mommy.

To a Child Swimming

Boy in an indoorpool

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because there is nothing better
because life stays the same
because it’s better than being an adult

This life will hand you the ability to reason
It will grant you the pain of logic
It will enshrine you in morals and values
It will teach you to hide and doubt

because it lets you be you
because it’s a conviction that can’t be wrong
because it won’t last long