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I speak in every language – I am allusion
I profess to understand – I am illusion
I deny action through subversion – I am witless
I imply the choice to change – I am…


I fail to celebrate your greatness
when your MORALS are as dirty as oil

I fail to feel united in your words
when they are as tainted as your VALUES

Zapiro. Julius Malema

I fail to feel a thing
when I listen to the tune that you sing

Revolution Comes to South Africa

South African War Memorial, St Ann's Square

Image by George M. Groutas via Flickr

Tell me your name
On the wings of Malema or an Agent?
I’ve yet to find a host
Do you speak for the people?
English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sepedi, Sesotho?
whoever understands and heeds the call
You’re in the wrong queue

And my change?

Map of South Africa

Image via Wikipedia

Gun shots
p e a c e

“I greet you all in the name of peace. Democracy and Freedom for all.” – Nelson Mandela, 11 Feb 1990

My Eternity Still

Today I fell into myself
It hurt, but only a little

I saw things that I had forgotten
I felt things I thought I could not

I saw a light within me
A light looking inside out

Today I fell into myself
To find that you are what I’ve been looking for

Thank you I do

My love is yours
Yours is my love
Is my love yours?

My peace is you
You is my peace
Is you my peace?

Your heart beats with mine
Beats your heart with mine
Your heart beats mine with…?

I love you always
Always I love you
You love I always?

I do…

My fear

I’m scared that I won’t be able to protect her
My gun does not exist

I’m scared that I won’t be able to protect her
My country created this fear

I’m scared that I’m being too open
but it’s a real fear within me…


Excuse my silence
The shadows of the past retreat from your light
My silence expresses a nation’s anguish
A shadow that falls darker than the night

Forgive the imprint that I leave on your floor
My body falls as the shot is fired
It’s force of habit
when you live in a country fighting it’s Cold War

Feel yourself

You’ve got that look in your eyes
There’s an itch that needs scratching
but there’s no hands to supply the cure

You’ve got that pain in your heart
You need a love to fill the void
but no one’s tall enough to fill the hole

Face the blame that bares your name
but not give in to that mark of shame

You’ve got that hole in your soul
There’s a need to sing a song
but you can’t remember the tune

You need to look at yourself
Look at yourself

Their revolution

ANC logo

Image via Wikipedia

The revolution is on trial
It’s revolving, revolting, EVOLVING!
The revolution is on trial!
Raped by accusations and denial

‘We agree!’ they chant
It’s much more threatening this way
Toyi-toyi, chant!
Watch the white people run

The revolution is on trial
Revolutionaries stomp their feet
We’ve got the same rhythm
But we’re marching to a different beat