Monthly Archives: April 2014


Attention all comrades!

We have lost sight of our cause and forgotten our history,

We lie with Mammon and dance with Baal

Our bellies look pregnant and our health is poor


Attention all comrades!

Our people are drowning in the Ocean of Poverty

But we float freely in the life boats of entitlement

Fishing for puppets and gambits to boost our fame


Attention all comrades!

Our fathers are sighing because we’ve forgotten their names

We remember them to forge false pride

But we never met them and are glad that they died


Attention all comrades!

The end is nigh!

Debt is mounting and tenders are our ineptitude

We sit rich, defensive, pot-bellied and happy


Attention all comrades!

We must change our ways – or the labels at least

The people are rousing and opening their eyes

Our end is near; we’re being eaten by our lies