R.S.A. 4

Julius Sello Malema

Julius Sello Malema - ANC Youth League President

You’ve played upon my heartstrings
Taught me the value of truth
Shown me the ultimate axiom of change
Change does not exist, reshuffling does

You taught me to give up hope
You’ve made me cynical and repugnant
Your politics hurt me the most
More than a gun shot or smashing glass

This truth is impaled in my head

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4 responses to “R.S.A. 4

  • kolembo

    Good to hear from you! Hard work trying to figure out a poem a day. I thought about Malema and you guys today. You know, you’re our pride, even all the way up here. I still have my old passport with the ‘valid everywhere but South Africa’ stamp.

    You must pull together, and our prayers are always with you! You should have seen us during the World Cup.

    We have been through this before…don’t be fooled by the hubris of Independence. You must not default to corruption. Otherwise it will be another thirty years to truly be free.

    Peace to you man.

    • notjeffery

      Thank you for your words.
      It’s crazy to think that people had their passports stamped with that not so long ago and that our leaders don’t seem to realise that we are heading straight back towards that dark place under the guidance of Chief Malema.

      It makes me ill to think that this Neanderthal receives the amount of support that he is getting. I guess our people still hold onto the fear from the past and our lack of education – both general and voter – are to blame.

      I guess the words of Mr. Marley ring true here: You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time. One day is one day.

      Thanks for your input and concern!
      Peace to you and yours,

  • kolembo

    Ummm, nice one, powerful. I don’t like that ‘Malema’ though…I think he’s going to lead South Africa into a darkness far more serious than it thinks. The only good that can come out of it is if it caused the manifestation of his opposite.

    Glad I found your blog.

    • notjeffery

      I agree that he is going to lead the country into darkness which is why I wrote the poem. It’s his politics that I struggle with. It breaks my heart that he could be our future.

      We’ve worked so hard but he doesn’t seem to care.

      Thanks for reading,
      Peace to you and yours,

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