Back I am

Assistant to Cape Minstrels

Image by Ingrid Sinclair via Flickr

Happy New Year to all!

I’m back from a rather interesting journey in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

To kick things off I’d like to share that I got engaged on the 29th of December to the most fantastic woman that I have ever met!

I thought the above would bring 2011 in with a great start but the universe decided to show me the true brunt of Murphy’s Law.
We were stuck in Cape Town for a week after we were supposed to leave because my car decided to blow off a bit of steam and a head gasket, great stuff. That’s day 1 of not leaving.

I received a R17 000 quote, responded hell no and fetched my car. That’s day 2 of not leaving.

My dad decided to make the 1400 odd kilometer drive from Johannesburg and tow us back home. That’s day 3 of not leaving.

My dad arrives, we load the trailer with much effort and leave for good old Jozi. We must have driven for 20 minutes when my dad’s fan belt decided to bow out. That’s day 4 of not leaving.

We repair the fan belt and what ever else went wrong and leave. We completed the first 400 km part of the journey home and arrived in Beaufort West to discover a strange smell coming from the trailer. It turns out that the wheel bearings decided to bow out too. That’s day 5 of not leaving.

Day 6 ushered in an afrikaans mechanic and finally the remaining 13 hours of travel home.

2011 kicked off interestingly and hopefully will remain interesting so that I am kept constantly inspired.


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