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Go home, somebody might be missing you


I lie to you
To you I lie
I to you lie
Lie I to you?
You lie to I



Highway scene
Highway Scene – Gray Words

An interlude to eternity – no mushrooms needed


Pencil in Hand

Image by schmorgie13 via Flickr

Today I read my words
Today I died of boredom

Yesterday I wrote those words
Yesterday I created today’s boredom

What’s on the menu?
Lethargic garbage

Last Words

The god Odin whispers in the ear of the dead B...

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No famous last words will be proclaimed
A deadly silence will follow
All will look at the bed expecting more
I’m sorry but I won’t deliver

People will speak of the passing for ages
They’ll utter things said days before
But no matter how hard they try to dismantle
They’ll never find the words in my core

They’ll read through my files and possibly books
Dead end after dead end nothing will appear
All will look at the pages expecting more
But my last words I will ignore

A thought

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atk...

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The sharpest lives
Run deep with venom

R.S.A. 4

Julius Sello Malema

Julius Sello Malema - ANC Youth League President

You’ve played upon my heartstrings
Taught me the value of truth
Shown me the ultimate axiom of change
Change does not exist, reshuffling does

You taught me to give up hope
You’ve made me cynical and repugnant
Your politics hurt me the most
More than a gun shot or smashing glass

This truth is impaled in my head

R.S.A. 3

15a - Extra Credit Weeping Man

And bitterly I wept as you passed me by
I saw all that you were and what you have become
I saw that change is a PIGMENT of the imagination
Racism will never leave, colour will merely change

R.S.A. 2

Black, wooden ancestor figure

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Bow to me land of the wicked
I am your messiah dressed in black
I am that shallow thought and need for revenge
I am your death and what you created

Bow to me you people of lies
I’ll give to you what you desire
A divide, a separation, a one party way of thinking
I am your retribution, your art, your culture

Bow to me! Drink from my cup!
You’ve slept with my whore
You’ve stopped her cycle
Nurture what she gives birth to – you helped create it

R.S.A. 1

The coat of arms of South Africa adopted on Ap...

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There she fell and slipped away
They clambered over her rotting corpse
and began to feed

She died for freedom and human rights
She died to put an end to racism and disparity
They built her up again but made little change

She walks again, the monster lives!
A machine of inhumanity and revenge
Someday you’ll get yours, we’ve got ours