Was any of it necessary?
The breaking of our hearts
and the tearing down of our homes?
The false promises in the name of freedom?

Has it served us any purpose?
The death of our fellow brothers
and the unjust imprisonment of our sisters?
The false promises in the name of democracy?

Are we living as we planned?
When we marched peacefully or in war
with our flags, fists, and guns waving high?
The false promises in the name of liberation…

Where has the struggle left you?

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6 responses to “Struggle

  • 2zpoint

    Sounds like you have the bad and worse to choose from there…sorry man! but… the corruption doesn’t stop at you’re borders We have private interest groups her that absolutely blow my mind and terrify me to think of them getting their way. You should see the way people here stock up at the gun shows when they believe that the wrong group might have a chance of coming to power!
    You couldn’t believe the amount of weaponry private individuals have here stocked back in case of a rainy day.
    But we have not had any reason to worry lately except for this national debt the governments running up. Have a great day!

    • notjeffery

      I get that. It’s almost pointless even writing verse about the issues because it is a global issue.
      Whenever something goes wrong here people stock up on weapons and cans of baked beans…

      Shot for your awesome comments man,
      Peace to you and yours,

  • 2zpoint

    Sounds like you have more common sense than the waring parties around you. Might be best to give them space and let them hit each other on the head with hammers till they tire out… or throw cold water on them like dogs in a fight (so to speak).
    I used to worry about so many things before I started driving a truck then I realized that I was trapped in a box 1000 miles away from what was happening at home and I started asking myself “What can I do about it right now?” …If I didn’t ask my self this question my mind would wonder and that is dangerous in an 18 wheeler.
    I guess what I am saying is if they can be shamed publicly one might make a difference but if it can’t be done…Don’t be where the violence is because the fools are going to fight until they feel shame for doing so. As long as they think that their cause is just and worth dying for that is. Peace be with you.

    • notjeffery

      Wow, what a comment!
      The problem is that this poem is aimed at the ANC – our national government.
      As much as I would love to throw a bucket of water on them, I can never seem to get close enough or find a big enough bucket!

      I think shame was scratched from their vocabulary a LONG time ago.

      Peace to you and yours,

      • 2zpoint

        Great comment man! quite funny. It’s true you have to have a big enough bucket and how can you aim from far away? The only way to get their attention is strength in numbers. As for shame …with those people you might be right but who are the soldiers who actually die for their cause… that is where to aim the shame through a harsh advertising campaign. Of coarse you become a target yourself at that point don’t you? but this is how certain people get things done… they raise money, find a front man, and take away support through propaganda without ever firing a shot (just don’t be the front man).This might also be called the American way. 🙂

      • notjeffery

        Thanks man!

        Ah, the good old American way…
        That wouldn’t really work here because a lot of people are still holding on to apartheid, which means that they are not voting with their heads, they’re voting with their fear because they’re scared that if the ANC is booted out, the next government to come in will take this country back to where it was.

        This is natural tripe because we have got one of the best constitutions in the world meaning that we are all protected from ever having that happen again.

        While all these people are fearing, they don’t really see that the government has long ago forgotten about them. Corruption has become our national anthem. Every country has its problems I guess…
        It also sucks that I’m in no position really to undertake what you have laid out, although I really WISH I was.

        Thanks for your awesome comments cousin!
        Peace to you and yours and yours and yours,

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