Daily Archives: October 19, 2010


I bring you poverty
I dress it up with bureaucracy

I feed your wants
You are my desecrated runts

I am the spirit of Greed
and on your values I feed

Your name is Ira

We bow before you and your might
We offer up to you our children
Destroy them with one bite

Mother that is wrath
Through you we destroy each other
You make us hate our brother

You are our slow demise
Inner turmoil speaks your Latin name
Ira, wrath, you leave our hearts a slain


Precursor to sloth
God the fire
Man the moth

Aching limbs, sickness present
We don’t fly around the fire anymore

Precursor to despair
Ancient psychological state
Herald to man’s fate

Tedium and suicide
We have to fly around the fire forever more


Was any of it necessary?
The breaking of our hearts
and the tearing down of our homes?
The false promises in the name of freedom?

Has it served us any purpose?
The death of our fellow brothers
and the unjust imprisonment of our sisters?
The false promises in the name of democracy?

Are we living as we planned?
When we marched peacefully or in war
with our flags, fists, and guns waving high?
The false promises in the name of liberation…

Where has the struggle left you?