Daily Archives: October 13, 2010


In you I place my hope
My life and its dreams depend on you
You are my inspiration
My guiding light that keeps me from harm

I apologise as if it were my religion
but only because I love you
You accept me and lift me
comfort me and heal me

You have bestowed much upon me
Love, a job, food and a bed
Help me give love to others
A Jesus type of love, not a worldly

In you I place my hope
My life and my fears are all with you
Hold me close because you are my father
Thank you for peace, life and health

Thank you for this ample wealth

River of Life

I’m by the river side
The water coursing its path
My feet creating obstacles
My toes being gently caresed

I’m in the river
The water thrashing its course
My body creating an obstacle
My balance being jilted wildly

I’m drowning in the river
The water pulling me down along its path
My body becoming limp
My life being violently removed

I’m swimming a metaphor
A feeling of inner turmoil
a sense of growing stress
It makes no sense at all