The Struggles of a Versifier Searching for a Muse

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I abandoned the thought of you
I was creating you but I threw you out
I cast you aside because I found no worth
I felt you were a waste of words, a waste of thoughts

I let you walk into my mind
I played with the idea of elaboration
I was going to turn you into a star
The biggest rage, no cage could hold

I was going to make you a rebellious sage
A person of dark ambitions and lost faith
You were going to be my darkest creation
But then I realised I don’t have that in me

How could I create what I am not?
How could I turn into a star an image I would burn?
How could I write a poem about pure evil?
When I myself am no friend to a devil…


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4 responses to “The Struggles of a Versifier Searching for a Muse

  • 700miles

    ok, the image freaked me out a bit. ha! i can definitely relate to much of the poem, esp ‘i played with the idea of elaboration…’. really interesting and good piece. take care.

  • 2zpoint

    Very dark and yet isn’t it the dark side in us all that rears its head and makes us want to commit a dark act out of anger or something less at times. Sometimes pain brings it forth but then we realize who we are. I wonder though how many good people have crossed that very line and ruined their lives because of that instant they forgot to realize who they are and turned it into who they were. One of my demons at times.

    • notjeffery

      Your comment leaves much to think about.
      It is hard at times to remember who you are and stick by it.
      Convictions can be so tricky!

      Thanks for the read and the awesome comment.
      Peace to you and yours,

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