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I read the notes that you wrote
I skim the letters that you left
Would anyone else take what you gave?

We’re all looking for something
Keep looking and you’ll find

I found the devil in your words
I found virtue in your sentences
I did the right thing
And now the pieces fall into place

I look at our pictures
I see subtle hints of the future
I see what I thought was true
Was nothing but naivety in love
Or was it an ending in bloom?


The Classifieds

I wrote this poem in 2008 as a way of letting Tarryn know…
It’s a touch cheesy but it got her thinking… 🙂


Relatively fragile condition
But can be patched up with a little affection

Willing to fall in love
If potential buyer is looking for a similar feeling

Low maintenance
But a strict diet of acceptance is needed

Despite weary condition
Is able to provide:
As well as
Unconditional love and acceptance

Looking for a suitable companion
Whose heart is of similar disposition
And a willingness to commit no matter what life brings

Contact details:
Follow the connection between us
Forget about the past and look to the future

Dying Inside

Ocean Beach

Image by sigma. via Flickr

The sun shines on a man being embraced by water
The waves of the sea coat his body in the salt of their loins
The seaweed wraps itself around his naked form
He thought death would make it feel better
His heart’s grown cold, his soul is forlorn

If the sun refused to shine on the mountains of the earth
If the oceans of the world dried up and let go of all its life
If all the love in the world lost the fight against the bounds of hate
If all the shadows defeated the beauty of all the sunlight
He wouldn’t care; for once the world would allow him to be its personification

The maudlin man picks himself up and staggers to a dark house
A seagull flies across the misty horizon; this is the end of the world
He stumbles into the house and falls to the floor, tears drip down his face
All the love that he has to give has gone by unnoticed, he said too much
Everything that his ailing heart could give forced her from his touch

Broken, he lifts his hand and reaches for a blade
Before he drives it into his wretched heart he sees her face, he hallucinates
She picks him up from the floor and wipes away his tears
She is love, she is eternity, she’s everything that he wants to live for
He wouldn’t care about his own pain, if only he had hers to worry about

Generation What?

Disappearing respect
Valuable ancestor
Believe eventually
Extinction generation

South African Farm (the new Animal Farm)

Idle threats lambaste the ears of the weak
Those in power toll their bells
and the cows that they feed come running

‘Let’s raise an army
and war against the injustice of the land
We’ll lead our people to the Promised Land
Write a constitution in the name of equality
We’ll win their hearts; they’ll be our puppets
As we march to Pretoria we’ll sing our struggle songs
Take from the rich and give to the poor
then forget what we stand for 16 years on’

The young blood of the next generation flows strong
The souls of the past have been reborn
into the bodies of rebels who missed out on all the good protests

‘What do we have left to fight for?
A purer democracy is needed
but we’re benefiting abundantly from this crooked state
We’ve raised our army in the name of equality
We fly the flag and use it as a cloak of murder
We’ve won their hearts and they remain our slaves
We are now the rich; fuck the poor
Remind me please what we stood for…’

Here’s a reminder:
Equality and freedom for all

What’s in a word?

Sell Fish

Self motivated?
Go getter?