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How often do you look back at yourself?
Do ever pick up old forgotten photos and see the naivety of yourself back then? Do you ever find that you begin to feel regret and a need to time travel back with a warning for that person in that photo? If you could go back, what would you tell yourself? Don’t sleep with that person? Don’t fall in love with that one? Don’t smoke that? Don’t go out on October 21st?

Do you see what you have lost and wonder if you would ever get it back? Would you want to? Do you ever look at that person in the photograph and wonder if you two could ever have been friends? Would that person forgive you for the direction your life has taken? Would that person blame you or praise you? Would that person feel betrayed, belittled, forgotten? Would you be dead to the person in the photo?

Change the point of view, place yourself in the photo, place yourself on the inside looking out.
What do you see? Who do you see?
Are you at peace? Are you at one? Are you at all?


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2 responses to “Photograph

  • Thereisa Lite

    Mysterious as life is, those photo’s, those memories, all unforgettable and undeniably sweet. All have the potential to live on forever more.

    Never have I regretted, or hated, or forgotten a moment captured in time.
    We are, after all, only what we have been and what we can be.

    Notjeffrey; still one of my favourite writers.

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