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All night

We stayed up all night
Driven by our love
We could have been 115 years old
but we were driven by our love
We stayed up all night

The Gray Cycle

Mr. Gray speaks
Blah, blah, blah

Class pretends to listen
Yadda, yadda, blah

Class can’t work
Ask, ask, ask

Mr. Gray speaks
Repeat, repeat, repeat

Celebrate South Africa!

The sun decided to shine
and you woke up in the world

Good morning South Africa
My country of change
My country of hope

Your house was not burgled last night
Your car was not stolen
Your dogs were not poisoned

The Jacarandas are purple
and you can see them
against the clear blue sky

You’re in South Africa
and last night you didn’t die…

Sandman looms

One Second Before Awakening from a Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate, 1944

One Second Before Awakening from a Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate, 1944

The sandman approaches
And lulls me to sleep
He has made my eyes scratchy
And turned my brain patchy

Memory collection…
…slowly shutting down…
On my face…
…painted a frown…

He beckons me to join him
Come into my sleep
Soft white clouds
I’m slowly shutting down

Society is in the Trash

I read the news today
The tears read my face
It’s just history repeating itself
People still hurting each other

Our society has been taken ill
Humanity is not so humane

I read the news today
and I wept for a pregnant mother of 1
My heart broke for her unborn child
Not yet born; already a victim of our violence

Our society never really cared
Humanity has never been humane

I read the news today
My tears still read my face…

(Read the article:

Reiteration, echo, repeat…

Leave me on repeat
Don’t press shuffle
Don’t press stop
I am here to repeat myself for YOU

This is not a limited offer
And even if it was it would not apply to you
You are that special group of people
You help me appreciate my own voice

Leave me on repeat
I’ll say it again
Leave me on repeat
I’ll say it again

Loveless Possession

Loveless possession
A trophy for your life
Parade her through town
Dress her up, dress her down

Buy her bigger tits
Fill her lips with shit
Make her as you want her
Shape her, break her; use her

Loveless possession
Free money for your strife
You’ll walk right through town
As long as he lays the money down

Build him a bigger ego
Fill his pants with your lap
Make him as you want him
Shape him, break him; use him

Loveless bits and pieces
Toys of the rich and famous
Negation of love-kind
Toys that make us blind

Poetry Awards 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 31

Thanks again Jingle!

The Best Poetry Friend Award

Your Blog Deserves A Fabulous Beling Award

Perfect Poets Award

Thank you so much for this award, I appreciate it very much and feel extremely hounoured!

This is my acceptance poem – it is VERY tongue-in-cheek!

I Just Want to Rule the World

‘A powerful, moving story,’

‘The book’s strength and literary success lies ultimately in the powerful and piercingly frank portrayal of its subject,’

‘A new path in writing,’

‘Unnervingly convincing,’

‘There is a change blowing in the wind and this book is responsible,’

Say that stuff about me

Need escape

My eyes turn to dust
As I lie awake and think
My thoughts control my life
I must escape
I must escape

The liberal dream of not needing money
is thwarted by capitalist control
My misery sits in my wallet
I must escape
I must escape it all