Daily Archives: September 21, 2010

15 Minutes of Fame

It hurts
You know?
Those 15 minutes
and the silence that comes in the aftermath

It hurts
You know?
Those 15 minutes
and when they never seem to go away


These are a few of my favourite things

The Battle

He arose from the ashes
Mocking the jesters that maimed him

He spread his wings
Laughing as they tried to stone him

He unsheathed his sword
Piercing their hearts as they screamed

He cleaned his sword
Smiling at the reverse devastation

He heard his name called
The angel of retribution turned his head

He fell to the floor
And began to bleed from inside his core

The seraph laughed
And sheathed the 2 by 4
Then kicked Retribution
That bittersweet whore

Leave me alone

‘Leave me alone,’ she said
‘You’re being so unfair
You don’t like the look of me
Or the scent of my hair,’

‘Leave me alone,’ she said
‘I can feel you’re not true
You don’t really love me
Nothing says you do,’

‘Leave me alone,’ she said
‘We can’t play this hurtful game
You don’t really know me
You can’t even use my name,’