Daily Archives: September 14, 2010


Try to believe
Fathom and deceive
Bring ideology to its knee
Be so blind you see

We Create

Why do we create memories?
What do we really need to remember?
All the times we’ve been walked on?
or all the times we’ve fallen?

Memories are what we create to forget
Forget everything that hurts us
Forget everything that stops us
Forget everything that relates to time

You make yours
and I’ll make mine

End the Lies

Smut, cut, lucrative but
Bland, fanned, volatile and
Spread, read, painfully said
I can’t, you chant, it grows like a plant
Increase, decrease, and kill it please

Shunt, progress, lucratively blunt
Knife, life, the one that killed his wife
The smut, it cut, through his heart, but
He hand not right to hit the light and
Destroy one that would help generate life

The scandal spread like a weed
It caused a man’s heart to bleed
The solution, it seemed, murder to breed
While the smut let the hate feed
As he sat and watched his wife bleed

Old Time Poetry

Let me not plea
O’ release this from me
This thwarted life of jangled glee
And labour lost to a stormy sea

O’ is it nobler to hold my head high?
Than to give in with a strangled sigh?
Release the love that has been lost
Give me the price; I shall pay the cost

Pave the way to you I say
For ’tis nobler to let sorrow lay
Let me not plea
Release this from me

The Cat and the Keyboard


Once Greeted…

Greeted by an angel
Greeted by beauty
Lost inside her smile
Lost inside her eyes
Lost in her completely