Useless Complaining

What the hell is up with people watching this Big Brother Africa crap?

Is it really that interesting watching a group of men and women doing strange mating ritual dances and saying things to each other that constantly proves that their intellect is slipping? What does it say about the viewers? Those people that sit and watch the show with their mouths wide open, passing comments about this one saying that and the size of this other ones that.

I ask these pressing questions because I am tired of being subjected to this crap in my house. Whenever my father turns on the television he goes straight to this bullshit program. Yes I do still live at home – this is the plight of many young teachers in South Africa, we don’t get paid enough to move out, instead we stay at home plotting of ways to leave home while being made to watch garbage.

Who came up with this program? Why are they allowed to keep showing it? Why is the seriousness of George Orwell’s work being turned into a television program? When will this end?


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