Daily Archives: September 9, 2010


Do you?
Will you?
Have you?

Weeping Continent

Death drifts over the land and sees how history has laid it to waste
This ‘dark continent’ lays abused and raped
By its past, by its present, by its future
A selfish understanding of power and retribution has taken hold of us

Viva Africa!
You have been liberated
Why do you punish yourself?
Why do you fight? Why do you hate?

Death drifts over the land and weeps, colonisation beat him to it
Sadness greets the little faces of Azania’s future
What have your fathers left for you to reap?
Hungry mothers? Limbless brothers? Blind justice?

Viva Africa!
The winds of change blew for Europe
She fled when she had what she needed
Your anger is your downfall

Death becomes an ally when there’s nothing left to feel
The famine of our history leads us to learn no lessons
We’re recreating our past, we are the African Colonialists
Save yourself dear mother, comfort your children in your sandy bosom


I don’t understand.
How can you claim that you know me?

Your love is control
Your hate is peace
Your serendipity is mechanic

I hate your love
I can’t make peace with your hate
There was nothing serendipitous about our meeting

You’re everything that I am not
Don’t dare claim that you appreciate me

You don’t even know me