Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

Are you…were you?

Are you satisfaction?
Are you Earth?
Are you peace?
Are you forgotten?

Did you fall through the cracks?
Did you lose all that you were?

Are you diamonds?
Are you pure?
Are you Venus?
Are you lost?

Did you fall and not return?
Did you keep falling?

Are you death?
Are you life?
Are you planned out?
Are you destiny?


Flowing tale
Fox soul

Perfect bag
Black magic
Pretend syringe

Can I go?
I wanted happy
I wanted gone

I wanted love
I go away
Arrange it, estrange it

Floating Poet

Your depth is shallow
No ripple could move your waters

Your society stinks pretentious
Reality is too heavy a truth

Your little click always leaves me out
Am I too small a fish to fry?

Can’t you see that my heart is raining?
I need to be read and accepted