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This Moment

Is there anything more beautiful than knowing that the person you hold at night is wondering the same thing as you? Wondering if there is anything more beautiful than this moment right now? This moment of togetherness, this moment of hearts in unison, this moment of pure perfection, given and blessed by God and his love?

When you hold that person close, do you feel as if your blood is flowing through her and that hers is flowing through you? Do you find yourself pondering the misery of existence before she entered your life and made it whole? Do you find that you lose yourself more and more with every breath that she takes?

Have you found the one?

The one that is one amongst many according to the masses who just don’t know, the same masses that believe there is more than one person out there for everyone. If there is more than one person out there, why have I never felt so complete? Can you be more complete than complete?

Have you found the one?

The one that despite everything compares more than any other person in your life. The one that stands out as one amongst many. The one that broke the mould. The one that makes every cliché make sense and gives rise to wonderful new metaphors, similes and idioms. Have you found that poignant one that is your all and you want to keep as your all?

Have you found the one? Have you found this moment? Have you found your eternity?

Why should I?

I question your authority
I question your stability
I question your leadership
I question you…

Why should I listen to a man that I never put in power?
Why should I listen to a man that still behaves like a boy?
Why should I pledge allegiance to a party that is not my own?
Why should I be proud of where we are going when it is people like you that are taking us there?

So you tell me…
Why should I listen to you?

2 years

We got drunk
and found the guts to say
That was 2 years ago today

We walked
through the mall and began to fall
Decided love would be our all

We sobered up
and found the urge to stay
We’re still here 2 years later, today

Yes we’ve walked
and we have stumbled far
But we found each other
and confessed it in my car

Call me shallow but…

This is going to sound stupid and possibly shallow but I need to express it because it has made me feel good and even more like a human being than a robotic teacher.

My birthday is coming up on the 28 September. School breaks up tomorrow, the 23 September, which means that I’m not going to be at school for my birthday – and the choir sang AWESOME harmoniously.

The grade 4 class next door to me in a loud timed chorus all wished me happy birthday for the 28th. I was then greeted by big smiles on my grade 6 class’ faces because they orchestrated the first surprise.

I lead the class into my classroom where one of kids – who I have nicknamed Vlotz – gave me a present in a bag. This was followed by another boy – who I call Tit because he is so much like my friend Tiisetso, who we nicknamed Tit for short – gave me another gift.

Tit gave me a huge slab of chocolate, which next to Tarryn and smoking is my next biggest addiction. Vlotz gave me a pack of wicked biscuits, a card, and a R200 music voucher. That’s a lot of money to spend on a dude who gets paid to crap you out on a daily basis.

It’s gestures like these that turn me into a contradiction. How I hate my job, how I love my job. These kids, and the other 25 in my class, are simply the most wonderful children out; even the ones that are in a competition to end up in Juvenile Detention first.

15 Minutes of Fame

It hurts
You know?
Those 15 minutes
and the silence that comes in the aftermath

It hurts
You know?
Those 15 minutes
and when they never seem to go away


These are a few of my favourite things

The Battle

He arose from the ashes
Mocking the jesters that maimed him

He spread his wings
Laughing as they tried to stone him

He unsheathed his sword
Piercing their hearts as they screamed

He cleaned his sword
Smiling at the reverse devastation

He heard his name called
The angel of retribution turned his head

He fell to the floor
And began to bleed from inside his core

The seraph laughed
And sheathed the 2 by 4
Then kicked Retribution
That bittersweet whore

Leave me alone

‘Leave me alone,’ she said
‘You’re being so unfair
You don’t like the look of me
Or the scent of my hair,’

‘Leave me alone,’ she said
‘I can feel you’re not true
You don’t really love me
Nothing says you do,’

‘Leave me alone,’ she said
‘We can’t play this hurtful game
You don’t really know me
You can’t even use my name,’


What to do?
Who to sue?
Doobie do?

Who you knew
Boy called Sue?
Doo be do?



I could
For you

I could
For you

I could
In your

I could
In your

We could
In the

We could
In the

I would
You would