Daily Archives: August 27, 2010

Life, wife, carving knife

This is life –
Regularity extinct
Routine is disorder and the colour of skin is purple

This is life
Satin beige
A lucid slipping –
Into an eternal well

Play your harp and extend your hand
Flap your wings and wear their brand
An Eskimo pie
A double nosed elongated sigh

This is life –
It is your wife –
And we’re its mice



Is it a possibility that your machine keeps turning, fuelled by propaganda, annihilating action, mutual respect and support? Is it a possibility that you sympathise for nothing, pretend to understand, destroy us with your money hand?
Are we really equal or will that always be a myth? If I fell into nothingness, would you really try to help me? You don’t understand; you’re so underhand; your politricks are planned…


Lathe me up with your futile lies. Bathe me in your false truisms, your oxymoron’s. Kill my will to be completely equal…
Kill me because equality does not exist.

‘I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.’
Mahatma Gandhi

Be it

When we sleep we open our minds to the excesses of reality. We purge ourselves against the fortitude of knowing the true meaning of solace or death. Our invitation to join the minds eye is received with a renewed fervour because we cannot control ourselves.

When you sink into the depths of the inner self are you greeted by a garden of your childhood? Do you sit on the grass and play with a child that has no face but you know its name? Do you entertain this fragile being with love and warmth that stems from your heart so true? Do you feel more whole in that moment than any other you’ve experienced?

Do you find yourself retreating from this child that remains faceless despite your inner recognition? Do you choose not to name it as it is your inner anguish? Do you relive your childhood with frail horror? Do you run from what you have never faced, embraced or fixed?

When you sink into the depths of inner vision are you taken to a place that you love and never want to leave? Is the mechanism of self still turning the way it has always done before or do you find yourself dying more and more? Do you run for the door and walk away from the pain like you’ve always done before?

Heal the world by starting with yourself.

‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’
Mahatma Ghandi

This page

from this page you view my thoughts
You feel my pain
You taste my blood

From this page I change my world
I create new scenes
I create new blood

From this page you change your life
I depict your faults
I destroy your truths

From this page a new order will arise
A new language to speak
A new world to destroy

From this page
I make myself