Daily Archives: August 26, 2010

Bleeding past

The bane of my life, the torment of my soul
Little lives dripping through my world
Contaminating me, hurting me, loathing me
Forcing me deeper into a pit of profound black

You child are my anguish, my aggression, my fear
You child are the insult of my existence
The agonising salt in my proverbial wound
You child are my profound pit of black

You are my teething
All the blood, pus and pain that I experience
Is you


Each other

She holds my heart in her graceful hands
She keeps it warm and holds my soul
She is my solitude and climb to grace
She is the spirit that strokes my face

I hold her heart and keep it safe
I wipe her tears and cradle her soul
I am her peace and confidant
I am the spirit that holds her hand

We crawl into each other’s arms
We do a nightly dance, a warm embrace
We would choose no other
We are each other…