If the world could keep quiet for a minute, would you embrace the overwhelming silence or begin to feel uncomfortable because all you know is noise? Would you embrace the crashing of the waves of the ocean against the rocks outside your house as you sit and sip your wine? Would you, as a caregiver, see the beauty of the children before you and forget about the emotional tension that they cause you each day? Would you reach a deep state of enlightenment, perhaps a new state of philosophical or religious awakening? Would you embrace yourself?

If the world could keep quiet for an hour, would you feel a sense of inner devastation because you nearly suffocated in the first minute of silence? Would you find your inner peace and figure out a way to save the Middle East? Would you learn to appreciate the magnificence of your spouse, life partner, best friend, soul-mate, brother, sister, next door neighbour? Would your inner enlightenment turn to a deep understanding of the eternal love that is God? Would you experience the universe in all its glory? Would you embrace another second?

If the world could keep quite for a day, would you begin to relate to the deaf and the mute? Would you see that words hold little importance in communication? Would you begin to understand the essence of love, peace, and joy? Would your period of reflection harness an answer to all the trials and tribulations that you have had to face throughout your life? How much of it is pragmatic? How much of it is yours? How much have you created? How much have you destroyed? If we had a day of absolute silence flood its way throughout the world, would you learn to love me? Would you learn to love yourself? Would you learn at all?


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