Daily Archives: August 12, 2010

Just my luck

Just my luck, I am South African
I understand crime
I understand afrikaans
I understand corruption
I understand racism

Just my luck, I am South African
I understand forgiveness
I understand love
I understand beauty
I understand much

Just my rotten luck
I am South African



They have chosen to mobilise the masses
Forcing little children into a war without guns
Forcing adults into forcing children till the blood runs

Nonsensical spats arise as a sign of the times
Not looking at the screen makes things less obscene
Look at me, look at me! Embrace what you are
Victims of the future made from the heroes of the past

Mobilise your family, force them to scream and shout
Beat your little children
Molotov cocktail carries much clout

We dream

We dream
Hit snooze
Stay asleep

We dream
Rude awakening
Stay awake

We dream
Hit reality
Try sleep

We dream
We are