Daily Archives: August 11, 2010

The lion

He sits above my door
Staring me down
I am his prey
I am his all

His claws extended
tear at my core
He bounced on my body
He ripped at my all

He runs above my door
Captured in time, lifeless, still
He stares me down
I am his prey, remain his all



The universe teaches
We take, we destroy

Mother earth cries and its colour is brown
Her children have been covered in its thick
It’s the fault of man, not God, not earth
We clean up your mess, BP confess

Negligence, massacre, ecocide
We take, we destroy

We pollute more than the earth
The debris orbits our home
It’s the fault of man,
can’t blame God for the knowledge

God provides, loves and teaches
We take, we destroy, we die