Daily Archives: July 16, 2010

Your Love

Let’s play a game
We’ll call it ‘love’
You’ll be the arrow
I’ll be the open heart
You’ll be dipped in poison
I’ll be the victim of your attack
You’ll control and manipulate me
I’ll slowly die but not care because you love me
You’ll have your nights out and urges to shout
I’ll stay home and apologise every time you cry
You’ll be the head of the pack and control our journey
I’ll be the hapless driver who turns each time you call
You’ll punish me when I’m bad
I’ll agree but resent you more and more
You’ll play the part and give off what you want people to see
I’ll fantasise about exploding and calling your bluff
You’ll say we’re so in love and tell me how happy you are
I’ll nod, smile, most likely always agree but hate you more and more

Until one day when I snap
I’ll give you your type of love
A bullet through the heart
And a knife through the head