Monthly Archives: July 2010


Thank you for looking after us
Thank you for encouraging the future
Thank you for showing us how much we are appreciated
Were it not for your kind offer
I’d be able to afford less than the little I can now

Thank you for giving me the right words
Thank you for helping me encourage the new workforce
Thank you for showing us what civil SERVANTS are worth
Were it not for your housing subsidy
I’d be able to move out of my parent’s home

Thank you for all your generosity
Thank you for sending uneducated people to train me
Thank you for always worrying about my files instead of teaching
Were it not for your constant vigilance
I might be able to teach instead of doing filing

Thank you for my new found pessimism
Thank you for encouraging me to leave
Thank you for teaching me to say thank you
Were it not for your agitating policies
I might be labelled more than just a servant


Bleed my beloved country
The thorn in our side
is the baby in your womb
This growing parasite
that inflicts pain and doom

Bleed my beloved country
As your children lay raped and torn
As your elders try to loosen the noose
Ignorance controlling our history
Ignorance controlling our all

Die my beloved country
Embrace what you have become
A nation built on foundations of crime
A nation built on the victims
A nation controlled by… who?


In that moment after waking
Pure innocence is found
The corrupt adult mind is like that of a child

In that moment after waking
The world seems to stand still
All that was ever wrong, is not

In that moment after waking
Peace, tranquillity, and life are present
The worries from yesterday are not yet part of today

In that moment after waking
Nothing matters except the smile on her face
The world is in your bedroom, nothing is outside

The moment after the moment after waking
Reality flexes his ugly fingers
Reality seeps into your day

Slow, cold and vengefully bitter
Painful, dark and sterile
If only we could never wake up again
If only we could hold onto but a moment
A moment after waking

Your Love

Let’s play a game
We’ll call it ‘love’
You’ll be the arrow
I’ll be the open heart
You’ll be dipped in poison
I’ll be the victim of your attack
You’ll control and manipulate me
I’ll slowly die but not care because you love me
You’ll have your nights out and urges to shout
I’ll stay home and apologise every time you cry
You’ll be the head of the pack and control our journey
I’ll be the hapless driver who turns each time you call
You’ll punish me when I’m bad
I’ll agree but resent you more and more
You’ll play the part and give off what you want people to see
I’ll fantasise about exploding and calling your bluff
You’ll say we’re so in love and tell me how happy you are
I’ll nod, smile, most likely always agree but hate you more and more

Until one day when I snap
I’ll give you your type of love
A bullet through the heart
And a knife through the head