Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

Mental Illness

Upon my bed I writhe in pain
I scream and jolt as you eat my soul
You devour my heart
and tear my life apart
You’re my inner peace
My inner hate
A private hell
Eternal struggle

You haunt me at night
You mock me by day
You are my fear
My imaginary illness
I bear witness to your symptom
But never the cause

I hate you.
I don’t need you.



High ambitions are laid to waste
As the soul is crushed by dawning truth
Do we teach in vain? Do we preach?
Is it a worthy cause: to teach?

Little lies from mouths of babes
Frustration hurled from a tender age
Constant moaning, begging, and pleading
Am I losing the plot? My motivation is receding

I’m a teacher paid to teach
I’m a teacher – not a human
I lack emotion – I’m just a machine
Why respect machinary?

Why respect me?