Daily Archives: June 4, 2010


The mind is wasted
Thought process gone
It’s all routine
I need dopamine

We stand in line
We wait our turn
Midday suicide
The bus we ride

Our lives are tainted
We’re feeling numb
It’s all routine
I’m feeling glumb



You’re feeling sick
I’m feeling dumb
My brain is empty
Your face is numb
As we sit here puking
We chunk as one
I can’t help but think to myself
All things are good
except our health

Your feet are aching
My head is sore
Your stomachs empty
We’re on the floor
As we sit here writhing
We hurt as one
You can’t help but thinking
All things are good
You’re understood

Our lives are hollow
We are now whole
There’s nothing empty
We are one soul
The same thought process
A magic pill
We’re feeling better
We’re each others fill
We’re feeling full


To my Eternity I will stay true
Through summers heat
and winters cold; I will not move
She is the wind that cleans my soul
She is every blossom on every tree
And every letter that spells the word free

For my Eternity I will stay strong
Through trials and tribulations
my heart will not move
She is my pillar and my sobriety
She’ll stay constant through my calamity
She is Hope, Peace, and Solace

This is true for us:
LOVE has no time frame
LOVE is not bound
LOVE knows no anger; LOVE is our promise
LOVE only knows us

Three Businessmen Meet

They returned with their button up shirts
The same basic design – a repeated vertical line
Another behind his glasses
And two behind their words
They sat at a table
And spoke more shit than turds

Macho charisma drifted and suffocated the peasant
They spoke of the past and the future
They forgot about the present
Sophistication was painted up in fake pigmentation
They know they are the back bone
of a complete idiot nation

It’s all business and one was left out
Through his fake smile
you could hear his soul shout
A material nature; no love, no life
A glazed look dictated boredom
Reality dictated SELLING OUT; conformity

Nothing personal
Just business – you understand.