Accidental Anarchists

I know that this is supposed to be a poetry blog but as I am the author, I am allowed to bend the rules.

I was driving – as I always do – down the R24 where they have placed many wonderful flags along the highway from the airport nearly the whole way to Jo’burg.

I was admiring these flags when it struck me for the thousandth time this year, there are too many flags that are upside down! An issue made worse by the fact that these flags are the first things that people are going to see when they enter this country.

There is a row of red poles holding up every flag for every country that is taking part in the 2010 Fifa World Cup. When one looks closely one will see that according to these flags and the people that put them up Ireland is taking part in the World Cup! Astounding, however, when one then looks at the row of flags that the solitary Irish flag is waving in, one will notice that the Irish flag is in fact the Ivory Coast flag placed upside down! Well done South Africa.

Drive further along the road and there is a row of French flags, 3 with red on the top and 3 with blue on the top – my guess is that the person who was hanging the flags wasn’t sure which way to put them and thought that he would cover both possibilities.

Then we eventually find ourselves driving next to our very own drug capital – Bruma Lake Flea Market, where management has employed all the rastas and their stoner clients to hang flags on the fence. Great idea because they are cheap labour – by way of payment give them a packet of Cheese Curls and a Cream Soda. Issue: the South African flag is upside down and so are many others. A person did however spot that the S.A. flag is upside down and decided to steal it. I love the South African spirit.

Mentioning that the S.A. flag is upside down, has anyone noticed that every second car has got the same problem? You can now buy South African flags at every robot that are already put on the pole the wrong way round. This is fantastic because the work is halfway done for you the accidental anarchist.

We need to learn from that person who stole the upside down flag from Bruma. We need to mobilise and steal every other upside down flag in this country. The only problem will be that all the money, sorry, all the foreigners coming into the country will be greeted by more empty poles than flags.

One more thing…
What is our issue with New Zealand?
Nearly every one of their flags are upside down.

People MOBILISE and steal!


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