Daily Archives: May 26, 2010

Don’t Deny It

As I sit here
And slowly fade away
I see the mistakes in my life
I see the possibilities I missed
I think of how worthless dreams are
When your reality is already made

We can’t run from where we are
We can’t ask for more than we have
We set our expectations of others too high
We get angry with them when they fail us
When it’s ourselves that we should be mad at
I can’t escape what was said

You’re never happy
Change can be made to accommodate you
But it’s never what you want
We struggle to accept truth
I struggle to accept lies
I struggle to achieve peace
When my soul is at war with yours

This Life

When this life expires
Will it be a life well lived?
Will the right choices have been made?
Was it a life at all?

When I cease to exist
Will you remember me for how I died?
Will you remember me for how I lived?
Will you remember me?

When I breathe that final breath
Will you still be by my side?
Will you forgive me my transgressions?
Will you have breathed your final first?

When I embrace the life hereafter
Will I greet you with a smile?
Will I greet you as my long lost love?
Will I greet you as a friend?

When I arrive in a place of grace
Will I sit with my God and maker?
Will He answer me my many questions?
Will I remember?

When this life expires
Will it be a life well lived?
Will the right choices have been made?
Was it a life at all?


A new style of living, loving and hating
A new style of peace, war and …
A new style of knowing, writing and reading
A new style of fabricating

Rebirth and generation
Rebirth of agitation
Rebirth of lost affection
Rebirth of …

Civilian lifestyles arranged by the wicked
Wicked lifestyles coveted by the poor
In a series of new stylistic attempts
We all falter and scream and turn


Re …

*(… = uh / sigh)*

Bringing Up the Future

And my heart broke
As I saw you in your past
As I saw what you were
And what you are now

And inside I wept
As I saw your innocence
And how it has since passed

And I grew overwhelmed
As the pain of realisation stained me
As I saw how helpless as a child I was
And how useless your parents were

And inside I grew bitter
I grew tired and distressed
I grew cold and scheming
I grew a deeper understanding
Of a task needing completion

The task of bringing up the future