Monthly Archives: May 2010

Wish Away

I wish I could write something special
Something inspired, something rousing
I wish I could write a stairway to heaven
I wish I could write an escape from hell
I sometimes think I’m the person that knows
I sometimes think I’m the one without woes
I wish I was so special that I didn’t have to wish

I wish I could dig myself up out of this hole
Too long have I sat in this sprawl,
Too long have I pondered the whereabouts of my muse
Did I ever have one? Where is it now if I did?
Am I destined to be a bore? I get jaded in my own company
I wish I could write like a true poet
I wish I could feel their sense of anguish, their sense of joy
But I’m stuck with being inapt for even Freud


You’re a little mystery
A story that needs to be read
A book yet to be written

You’re a beautiful painting
A sculpture shaped in love
A poem yet to be heard

You’re a subtle whisper
A song yet to be played
A sunset yet to be seen

You’re a fire that burns strong
An inspiration to the uninspired
A pillar of strength for the weak

I dig upon your time
I drop subtle innuendos
I’m too scared of rejection
I’m afraid to be hurt by beauty
I’m afraid to be hurt by you

For Eternity

You are that perfect moment
A photograph in motion
You are my true obsession
My clear and coherent truth

I waited years to be with you
I fought a million wars
I wasted many precious milestones
that I could have had with you

I’ve now found your heart
and climbed in battered and bruised
I’ve found my new beginning
and all of it starts with you

Life Slips

As I sit and wait for the end of day
Life runs then slowly slips away

Opportunity walks past my door
It doesn’t even stop to knock anymore

Too many wasted moments
Too many wasted hours
Too many wasted days
I’m lost in a routine phase

As I place these words in order
Death slowly crosses my life’s border

All that I could be is lost in time
So you live yours and I’ll try make mine

cry freedom

We’ve lost our way
On and on
Like yesterday

16 years on
Till our tears are gone

Weep for us

Youth Day

Enlighten yourself
Drop out of school
Learn its importance
Don’t be a stubborn mule

Encourage yourself
Run away from home
Feel the pull of the wild
Sympathise with those that don’t

Disregard yourself
Continue to make no sense
Fathom them as they attempt you
Don’t give in to the norms like they do


It swallows me
This world of lies
This meat with flies

I can’t close my eyes
I’m driving

Excuse me

Excuse my contradictions
Excuse my attempt at…
Poignancy, prophecy, flatulence

Excuse me Piaget
Excuse me Freud
Excuse me Tyler
Excuse me Wasmuth

Excuse me.


Useless ramblings fill up the mind and the world
We sit debating, shouting, impregnating
It’s all worthless, mirthless, useless

The voices control us
Make sense of us
Abuse us
The voices are us

Useless – I speak your language
Useless – You hear my voice
Useless – I am you
Useless – I am

Don’t Deny It

As I sit here
And slowly fade away
I see the mistakes in my life
I see the possibilities I missed
I think of how worthless dreams are
When your reality is already made

We can’t run from where we are
We can’t ask for more than we have
We set our expectations of others too high
We get angry with them when they fail us
When it’s ourselves that we should be mad at
I can’t escape what was said

You’re never happy
Change can be made to accommodate you
But it’s never what you want
We struggle to accept truth
I struggle to accept lies
I struggle to achieve peace
When my soul is at war with yours